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Acumen – Crush


ACUMEN-CRUSH-THRILL OF IT 001 .jpegLabel: Thrill of ItRelease: Out Now

French producer Acumen introduces us to his new label, Thrill of It, in typically inimitable fashion. The Time Has Changed boss has always been a key proponent of whimsical, fascinating beats, but as he launches a hew label here – Thrill of It Records – he really pushes the boat out in search for kicks, with Crush an sound tour-de-force that ticks all the right boxes.

The grooves and the alarms really combine with a glorious exuberance on the title track, a really driving number that’s almost indebted to techno pastures. Spliced vocal charges spit venom throughout, and this is the perfect track for Acumen to build his live set into a crescendo with. Danton Eeprom’s remix is part boisterous and past chilled, a lovely tale of two halves that showcases the InFine man’s eclectic way of working.

The second half of the EP gets underway thanks to ”Follow Yourself”, a more industrial-sounding beats that packs plenty of raw energy. Punishing stuff, it’s indicative of Acumen at his genre-hopping best. The vocal works even though it maybe shouldn’t, a fact that’s not lost on our grateful ears. Lastly, double act Villanova turn in a polished take on the latter that’s brimming with oddball percussive flair and warped intricacies. An unusual pastiche, yes, but it closes the door on this EP with some grace.


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