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A Local Guide to Phu Quoc Island during Epizode


Set on the breathtaking Phu Quoc Island, between 27th December and 7th January, Epizode Festival has firmly established itself as a serious player in the Asian Festival circuit. Vietnam has become a melting pot for underground music over the last few years, as their local party scene has joined forces with the international creatives lured into the midst. We’re excited to get back there again this year for Epizode4 and their New Years celebration which has certainly put them firmly on the list of festivals you must go to at least once in your life!

The now globally-acclaimed Epizode Festival builds a bridge between the East and West as an international music gathering of the highest order, and this year will explore an even wider musical landscape – along with striking art installations, creative stage designs and top-class sound systems. The programme is a refreshingly unusual combination of names, with the calm and the storm perfectly poised. 11 days. 24-hour music. It’s safe to say we’re pretty excited…

Our friends at Epizode give us their guide to Phu Quoc Island so that you can find things a bit easier and don’t miss out on any of the wonderful experiences that are waiting for your arrival!

Night Markets In Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam: Dinh Cau & Bach Dang Market


The Night Market is a number one tourist spot yet still charming enough to have a place in our guide.

Opening Hours: Daily 17:00 – 00:00
Address: Vo Thi Sau Street, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc island

We are all here to have a proper party experience and these night time dances are perfect timing for the raver. The classic market atmosphere may be either charming or disturbing, it depends very much on your mood so better consider this factor too before choosing crowded intense places – and don’t forget that authenticity is also an important part of the travelling. Our pick here is definitely seafood, it offers an extreme variety of all kinds of marine creatures – everything goes from those aquariums, just literally try it all!

Sailing Club

On the other side of the spectrum, many people search for something more European, especially if we talk about those on long trips. Be ready, it is pricy. We would point out the Sailing Club for the full on beach club style. Very well served European food, perfect steaks, cocktails in nice glasses, swimming pool. The Octopus Bar in the Intercontinental hotel would be the cocktail place to visit.

Octopus Bar

But let’s also give you something in between… There is a restaurant by the hotel, which is very simple in a way, but, always busy – it’s called Spice House. Fusion cuisine with a variety of local and European dishes and it is just simply delicious! Book in advance! That is probably the crucial advice regarding everything on the island during the trip – book everything in advance, guys!


Basically any 5* hotel has a spa but it is quite expensive. We’ll share the place where you can find a perfect balance between price and quality, and it is also five minutes away from the festival location and just minute away from Novotel – Banyan Tree. Massage, stone therapy and a cup of herbal tea will be priceless after a good party!

Long Beach Center


Our highlight is Hon Thom Cable Car, the longest road above the sea of its type in the world, it connects Phu Quoc with another small island, which for now is partly under construction and doesn’t offer much. Yet still it is only 10 minutes drive in a big comfortable cabin, you can catch it empty if you’re lucky enough. Useful tip – check the time of the midday break so you don’t wait for the ticket office to open in the heat.

Cable Car

Beaches are one of the main reasons why people come to the island so let’s pick up one. Star Fish beach. A very girly recommendation but yes this is a beach where you can meet an enormous amount of starfishes here and there. Your most exotic photo for Instagram could be done here. And by the way they are just lovely!

Star Fish Beach

Whether romantic or just relaxing, whatever it will be, you may choose Chuon Chuon sky bar to have a splendid view over the island.

Chuon Chuon Sky Bar

The wind blows, background moves, camera, action! The ocean is just amazing and of course, there is nothing that compares to sailing deep into the horizon with a bunch of friends under the sun – you may get to some remote spot on the coast or just stop somewhere to have a proper snorkelling session. Highly recommended!


If you have a kid/s with you there is a plenty of ways to amuse them. Number one is to go to fascinating park Vinpearl, which is considered a small scale version of Disney Land right in the Long Beach area. Beside attractions, it also has an open Zoo. We bet you will also have fun!

11-day Multi Passes are still available for Epizode4 at €319, as well as Sister Multi Passes which allow two ladies to enter for the price of one ticket, while three-person Group Multi Passes are at €819. 1-day Multi Passes are priced at €59 and tickets can be purchased online via the Epizode website here


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