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5 Techno Artists to Watch This May


While sometimes it may seem like it, the world has not stopped turning – especially not for the 5 artists we’re showcasing today. They’ve shown their talent and hard work, even during this rough patch we’re going through. Techno may be abundant with DJs, but this group of gems always manage to shine through.

1. David Bau

David Bau has come a long way since his first release in 2009, landing EPs on huge labels like Pig & Dan’s Elevate, Voltage, VapourTrail, and more. The Mexican artist has managed to consistently transform his sound while staying true to himself. Most recently, he’s delved into a more raw style of the genre, with his remix of Silvina Romero’s “Electricity” being played by Maceo Plex at ADE Awakenings last October.

2. Bertzi

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Bertzi has rapidly shown the world why you’ll only hear more of his name. Everything he does is at a high caliber, ranging from melodic sounds to a more raw, underground influence. His track “Asgard” flew to the top of the Beatport charts last year, with top artists like Ida Engberg, Spartaque, and UMEK regularly playing his tunes. Having accomplished this at such a young age, it’s clear he’s going to be a mainstay in the scene.


Based out of one of the techno capitals of the world – Brussels – our next artist has blasted into the techno world, making a grand entrance. Regularly making appearances on the top techno charts and even starting his own label, Ithica Records, it’s clear he’s not messing around. You can find his tracks played often by Amelie Lens, which comes as no surprise as they’re perfect for festivals and smaller clubs alike.

4. Olga

Olga may be new to the production world, but judging by her recent EP on Frequenza, it sounds like it comes second-nature to her. Forged in the thriving underground scene of Athens, her original style is captivating, raw, and driving and comes influenced by many legends, such as Juan Atkins and Marco Bailey. The atmospheres the Greek artist creates are sure to lock you in from beginning to end.

5. Don Weber

Last but not least, we have Don Weber, from the south of Italy. His track “My Name” gained massive support, with Charlotte De Witte dropping it at CRSSD fest recently. Following it up with a banging EP on Analytic Trail, he’s proven that he has the skills to make it far. While his productions are constantly evolving, you’ll find riffs and chords in his music that create a kind of nostalgia you’re sure to want more of.

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