5 Modern Disco Classics from Eli Escobar


Eli Escobar is one of the names keeping the spirit of disco alive in New York.

Over the past 20 years his name has become synonymous with quality house and disco, releasing on labels like Nervous and Strictly Rhythm. As one third of the Tiki Disco parties, not to mention running his own Night People label, Eli Escobar has been putting his own twist on New York house and disco, joining the dots between the golden era of disco and the modern disco house scene. To celebrate his successful debut at San Francisco’s cutting edge new club, Halcyon last weekend, he’s delved into his vast record collection, to give us his selection of 5 modern disco classics.

Chrissy – Join Me

Infectious from the first bass note, this song has it all. A catchy chorus, passionate vocals, and more bounce to the ounce. It’s one of those songs that sounds instantly familiar yet new and fresh, since it is in fact only a few months old! In a perfect world, this would be on the radio instead of Bruno Mars.

Al Kent – Come Back Home

Built around old samples but definitely knocking enough to play along with any of the newest joints you got. Again, we have a perfect vocal here, full of longing and despair and a huge groove to back it up. That’s what classic dance music is really all about isn’t it?

Kiko Navarro & Sheila Ford – Harmony (Spen & Thommy’s Sampler Mix)

I’ve barely gone a set in the last two years without playing this. It always sets off the party. Sheila Ford is really an American treasure and Dj Spen, forget about it. This is loosely based on two classic disco songs, “Melodies” by Made In America and “Me and The Gang” by Bohannon. But it sounds completely of the moment and the percussion is so banging throughout the track. Has a very live band feel but still maintains the necessary rawness I need from modern Disco tracks.

Cosmic Force – Chocolate Starfish

When this record came out back in 2002, I remember everyone being pretty excited about it here in New York. Don’t know much about it except that it was a French band who somehow managed to achieve a pure authentic old school Disco sound similar to Cloud One. It’s pretty basic: a funky beat, catchy synth lick and some background vocals coming in and out. Great transition record. I’ve never stopped playing it since it came out!

Prince – Chelsea Rogers
It’s Prince. Nuff said.

Eli Escobar is DJing at Halcyon nightclub in San Francisco on Friday, 2nd December, alongside Ant LaRock.
Tickets for this weekend at Halcyon are available here and here.
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