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5 Minutes With… Fehrplay



On day 2 of Mysteryland, Data Transmission was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to sit down with one of Sunday Schools’ finest performers – Jonas Van Der Fehr aka Fehrplay.

The Norwegian has continuously been supported by everyone from Eric Prydz to Billboard Magazine taking over the world of progressive house with unprecedented force. His sound continues to differentiate from the label Pryda Friends adding to their digital sales and redefining the sound of modern progressive house. 

How was your set earlier today in the Big Top?

The set went phenomenal, the crowd was great! It filled up really quickly I must say, I freaking loved it man!

I feel like every festival has its individual personality, how did you prepare for Mysteryland as opposed to the other festivals you’ve done in the past?

From festival to festival it all depends on the line up and what stage you’ll be playing on. This particular festival we saw that we were playing a tent with some deeper and more techno artists, so we held back on playing more of our commercial stuff and played it cool. You look at the line up and you think – hmm maybe I should play a little bit cooler or raise it up a little. It’s not about the actual festival itself, it’s about the position you’re in compared to other artists in the line-up.  

When they told you that you were playing Mysteryland USA, what was your initial reaction to the idea and what are your thoughts about the festival now that you are here?

It is really really cool to be in such a legendary place which is Woodstock. Walk around the same place where so many legendary artists of all time walked having that in mind is such a privilege. I’ve always thought that Mysteryland was a freaking cool festival having been started in The Netherlands.

I think so too! Do you have anything exciting coming up for the summer?

Yeah, I have a US tour going through June and July all over North America named after a track I have coming out with Ultra Records called “Everywhere you go” called “The Everywhere You Go Tour”. I’m going to be playing both coasts and Texas, which I’m really excited for since I’ve never played in Texas. I hear everything is bigger down there so I’ll be bringing some big stuff.


Bigger is better right? You recently played at Echostage in Washington DC, how was that?

It was huge man! The venue, the sound system, the crowd and it’s energy was huge! What made me really excited was that Eric Prydz had done a live recorded set there and the people went absolutely nuts. It was kind of a milestone playing at such a huge venue. Jeremy and I had played Ultrabar in DC which is the same company as Echostage and the promoters and Jeremy and I were blown away by the turn out – I think that’s why they stepped it up and put us at Echostage.

Sounds awesome! How are things going with Jeremey (Jeremey Olander)?

Really, really well! We’re doing a new track together that we didn’t get to play today and were cursing up a storm because we had so much more to prioritize.

I can imagine! Any mentoring coming down from the great Eric Prydz?

Of course! He is always mentoring in a way he doesn’t really seem to know but we pick up on literally everything he does. In my opinion, he’s just the best in the world and no one is on that level. It’s pretty cool to be involved with someone like that -being your icon and all.

Has Eric always been your inspiration to begin in the music business?

He is my role model! Early on I was into trance and the like but when I heard Prydz for the first time – I was like woah! What is this? It’s the same with everyone – you hear really good house music but then you hear Eric and you’re just blown away. It’s just a different animal all together since he has such a unique style that no one even gets close to – It truly sets himself apart from the rest. Me and Jeremy are probably the closest you can get to Eric.

What keeps you motivated to keep doing this?

The biggest motivation for me is seeing the crowds when you step on stage – just seeing how people enjoy your music. You play something you literally just mixed on your laptop and you’re nervous as hell because you don’t know if the levels are right or the bass is going to be good or not. When you see people rave to it – it is the best feeling there is. Seeing all of the incredible places and people really keeps you motivated to continue. 

Catch Fehrplay at The Electric Zoo Festival in New York on Friday, August 29th, 2014

Words: Alex Zacarro


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