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5 Minutes and A Mix: Daniel Dexter



German DJ/producer Daniel Dexter has proved himself one of 2013’s biggest success stories thus far. Not only has the Poker Flat mainstay enhanced his credentials courtesy of his magnificent Focus On installment for the label, but he’s also found time to unleash his equally excellent recent record, Deep in Your Heart, on Nhan Solo’s burgeoning Mother label. Data Transmission caught up with Daniel recent to get the lowdown on the story so far…

Since first arriving on the scene in 2008 with “Train in Vain”, you sort of dropped off the radar for a while since returning successfully in 2011. Why was that?

At that point, I was involved in many other projects and was still pursuing my studies. That’s why I simply didn’t have the time to focus completely on my solo career. That all changed in 2011. I then decided to concentrate on myself and I musically implemented the things I always wanted to do.

Are you happy with where you’re at as a producer right now, then?

Yes, absolutely. Things have never been better for me and I’m also very happy to be on the road a lot on the weekends and to play so many gigs.

You’ve enjoyed a pretty great start to this year, not least because of the Focus On series on Poker Flat. How did that come about?

After my second record, (Poker Flat boss) Steve Bug told me that they could envision an album. So I slowly began working towards it and started to collect ideas. Steve presented the concept of the Focus On series to me and I thought it would fit perfectly.

Is Steve Bug a big inspiration for you, then?

Absolutely, we see each other a lot and by now have become good friends. He’s always giving me great input.

One of the tracks on that series, your remix of Zombie Disco Squad’s “Righteous Sound” has been slaying dancefloors of late. I believe it’s one of your own personal favorites. Why is that?

Hahaha, I really don’t know. When I handed over the remix I was under time-pressure and wasn’t sure about it at all. But it’s often like that if you have to judge your own work. Meanwhile, I actually play the remix it in all of my sets and the feedbacks have been phenomenal.

How do you tend to approach your remix/edit work? Or is each case different?

I believe it’s different in each case but I only accept a remix job if I have an idea that’s connected to the song and that I can develop further. For me it’s easier to do a remix then to create an original track because there’s always a foundation to build on.

You tend to only work with labels that display a sort of family aesthetic, not least, Poker Flat, OFF and now, Mother Recordings. Do you value personal relationships when it comes to where you release your music?

Personal relations are very important in the music business. You must be able to trust the people in whose hands you give your music. With Mother Recordings it was an easy decision, because I’ve know Nhan Solo personally for a long time now and he is doing a great label head.

Deep In Your Heart is my second EP on Mother Recordings and it´s just a question of time when the third is coming. Also, in the last years I only released on labels where I was sure that the shoe musically fit, even if I didn’t know the people beforehand. Funnily the personal matters always corresponded and most of the time we became friends.

You seem as indebted to high-octane tech-house as you are the deeper stuff. So who inspires your sound?

It’s mainly the old heroes from Detroit and Chicago, whose influences I try to combine with my own style. But I’m also inspired by other musical genres. I love bands such as Radiohead, The Cure and Joy Division. I’m also inspired by art – I love expressionism and try to process the same intellectual approach in my music.

So what else can we expect from Daniel Dexter over the next while?

The will be two remix EP’s out on Poker Flat. For these we were able to win over Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Uner, David Keno and Ian Pooley. In addition to that, I just finished a remix for Ian Pooley. And you will also find an original track on the 1 Year Birthday Compilation of Mother Recordings. Apart from that: touring, producing, touring, producing, touring, producing…

Now check out Daniel’s exclusive mix for us below. Guaranteed to kickstart your weekend!


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