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5 Key Moments In Any Mello’s Rising Career To Date


Berlin-based, Brazilian born DJ and producer Any Mello is quickly becoming a name of note within the ever-evolving techno landscape.

Whilst still young in her solo career, her electronic music experience dates back years having been involved in the scene as a VJ before making the transition into the studio and onto the booth. Having burst on the scene last year following her collaboration with K.A.L.I.L. on Noir Music and earlier collaborations alongside leading Brazilian techno figure Victor Ruiz, the rising talent quickly caught the attention of many leading to appearances at Lollapalooza Brazil, EDC Brazil, Warung Beach Club, D-Edge and Carlos Caplocks’ infamous event series in her home nation, plus the likes of Sisyphos within the German capital.

Brazilian imprint MEMNTGN Any Mello to deliver her ‘Human Being’ EP this July, backed by remixes from Stroka and label co-founder Tessuto.  We asked her to give us the 5 Key Moments in her rising career to date.

2009 – Leaving my hometown 

I was so young, but I never felt like I belonged there. The city was small and we didn’t have good music or nice places to go out. I remember that I was listening to a techno mix every day and thinking: “this is what I want! I want to live for that!” I was a photographer and didn’t have enough money for anything, not even to go to parties that happened in neighbouring cities. But, as always, I received help from friends and after moving away, I started to photograph parties so that I could enter the electronic music scene.

2011 – AV project

I was working hard at parties and even doing the decoration. I could do anything that came my way, but whenever I had a break I liked to go into the crowd and look at the LED screen, TVs or projectors. I felt hypnotized by the visuals dancing with the music. I started to talk to some VJs and ask them about the software they use.

I learned by myself how to be a VJ and started to work with that too. My working time in parties was sometimes up to 34 hours without sleep, often with insufficient food, a lot of sunburns and headaches. It was hard but it led me to my next step! I moved to São Paulo and after 2 weeks there, I received help from big VJs and met Victor Ruiz. We planned an audiovisual project, in which he was responsible for the music and I, for the visuals. It was a really good decision and the project was a huge success in Brazil!

2014 – Lollapalooza

That was the highlight of my career up until now. I felt like a rock star, it was unbelievable. When the road manager stepped on stage just to check if everything was ready, 12.000 people were screaming for us. I had only seen that with rock bands, never in electronic music.

We started the show and had technical problems for 15 minutes, but after that, it was the best experience! So many people were dancing, enjoying the show and crying with us. There were so many emotions that it makes me cry just thinking about it. I loved this project, it was my baby.

But the thing is: every year it got more and more commercial and we were not so happy with it anymore. In 2016 we decided to end it, after 5 years working without rest.

2017 – Solo career

I had started to study music production even before the AV project came to an end. I was already a DJ but it didn’t completely fulfil my strong creative spirit. I spent hours producing videos and I needed to produce something more! Music software, specifically Logic Pro, fascinated me! I didn’t understand anything about music, harmony, nothing! But I worked hard and learned enough to start.

An interesting fact is that the tracks in my EP Human Being, which will be released soon by MEMNTGN, were the first two I ever produced. I made them in this period but I didn’t have enough self-confidence to send them to the labels.

One year later, Paulo Tessuto saw a video of me playing one of them and liked it, so I sent it to him and he decided to sign my second solo release, which also includes 2 remixes.

Last year I had my first solo release with Nin92wo, with the track Pluto. What surprised me was that Pan-Pot used it to promote their BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix on social media. I almost had a heart attack when I saw it. 

2018 – Moving to Berlin

That might be the main key moment of my career. I left everything in Brazil 10 months ago to pursue my dream here. When I moved, I didn’t even speak English – just Portuguese.

In 7 months I learned how to communicate and just now, I have started to meet people and do networking. I became part of Miracle MGMT and have a manager who believes in my potential. Another good thing that happened is that I got a studio in Riverside, which is a huge and amazing complex in Berlin. I’m working hard everyday, improving my production skills a lot and I truly believe that it is a question of time for me to grow here.

Until then I’ll do my best to stay. I have learned that we need to have faith, dedication and focus on what makes our hearts beat faster. I’ve been living like this for 10 years, with ups and downs, without any guarantees, just feeling that I’m on my way and doing what I believe is right.

Any Mello ‘Human Being’ EP is out now on MEMNTGN Records