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5 Facts, 5 Tracks: Wigbert


Over the past decade, Wigbert has been forging a strong reputation as an inventive, versatile producer, skills that have seen him submit remixes for the likes of Gregor Tresher and Pan-Pot while achieving plenty of support from Dubfire, who has released a handful of Wigbert’s EPs on his own SCI + TEC label. Stepping up for his first full-length on Second State, Wigbert demonstrates why he’s a firm favourite among so many. The ‘Distorted Matter’ LP showcases his affinity for both atmospheric mood pieces and pummeling club cuts, the sign of a producer with more than one trick up his sleeve.

The music Wigbert creates has both equal parts of analogue machines and human input. In a sense, while producing, Wigbert becomes a ‘human machine’ by becoming one with his technological tools at hand. His drive to create organic sound flows though the final products. These are energetic, explorative, authentic and fresh as Wigbert encapsulates all elements of pure, true sound.

Rather than have a structured production process while in the studio, Wigbert allows his human experiences and imagination roam free with the machines he uses. He opens himself up to what the machines communicate in return and then channels it, just so. “Music is an infinite journey, mysterious and never-ending,” he says. His time is spent exploring new auditory avenues in his sonic haven.

We caught up with Wigbert to find out a bit more about his personal life and tracks that have influenced his career to date.

5 Facts

1.The first music software I played with was the Techno Maker from a company called Data Becker, back in 1996 when my brother and I got our first personal computer. My brother bought this software and we played around with the included samples. As a very young kid, I didn’t know anything about sampling or music productions. We both had so much fun, but we never really finished a track with it.

2. I started DJing when I was 14 Years old and one of my first records I bought from my pocket money was the Ricardo Villalobos – Alcachofa LP.

3. I grew up in a small town with a really small music scene in the middle of Germany.  The next club was more than one hour away, that was the legendary Stammheim in Kassel. I heard a lot of stories about the nights, but unfortunately I was too young to go there before it closed. I always thought I would move to a bigger city as soon as I was old enough to dive in the local music scene and develop myself as an artist. I was searching for a training position and found one as an industrial clerk in a company close to Frankfurt.

4. I’m a really big fan of doing meditation and I started with it more intensely about two years ago. I’m doing it almost every day since then and it helps me to keep in balance. Also it helps a lot to reduce stress and get your mind free. Another positive effect comes from it, I’m more creative by the end.

5. I’m a dad of two cats, their names are Mia and Rambo.

5 Tracks

Planetary Assault Systems ‘Return’

Luke Slater is one of my favorite producers and artists. He is also a musical idol for me as every production has this special something. You can feel the emotions in every track.

Jeroen Search ‘Reduced External Awareness’

Still in love with this one from Jeroen Search. I played this track so many times in my sets and it’s still in my playlist!

Abulla Rashim (Anthony Linell) ‘A Shell of Speed’

I’m a big fan of Anthony Linell’s music. His sound is very hypnotizing and every time I listen to his tracks I fall into a kind of meditation.

Aphex Twin ‘Heliosphan’

Absolutely phenomenal track! The vibe, the positive energy, the melodies! It’s pure art and just perfect! It makes me happy and it’s inspiring when I listen to this song.

Paul Jackson ‘The Push’

One of my personal all time classic tracks. First I heard it in a set of Sven Vaeth and he also packed it on his famous mix compilations – The Sound of the Fourth Season. My stereo system was also my alarm clock and I woke up every morning with this song before I went to school. I still get goosebumps when the break comes in with the baseline and piano.

Wigbert’s ‘Distorted Matter’ LP is out now, check it out below and you can grab it from here


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