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5 Facts / 5 Tracks: Shermanology


Shermanology consists of the talented brother and sister duo, Andy and Dorothy Sherman. Hailing from Amsterdam but raised in Curaçao, they have expertly blended their Caribbean and Dutch backgrounds to create their distinctive ‘Soultek’ sound. This unique musical style has garnered significant attention in the club scene, as well as on A-list radio stations, and has propelled them to new heights on the global festival circuit.

In the past year, Shermanology achieved tremendous success with their collaboration ‘It’s A Killa‘, alongside Australian producer and DJ FISHER, amassing over 35 million streams. Additionally, their track ‘Tell You What It Is’, featuring Eats Everything, caught fire and their self-released single ‘Boyz N Da Club’ surpassed 21 million streams. Notably, ‘Boyz N Da Club’ was named Annie Mac‘s Hottest Record in the World. With a remarkable Spotify following of over 100 million streams, Shermanology has proven their ability to captivate audiences.

Now, Shermanology has made their highly anticipated debut on Defected with the infectious house track ‘Sometimes‘, further solidifying their status as an unstoppable duo to watch. This feel-good anthem showcases their immense talent and sets the stage for even more extraordinary achievements in their musical journey.

We caught up with the duo for a quick round of 5 Facts / 5 Tracks…

5 Facts:

1. Andy is always on the move and just does not know what to do with days off – Dorothy on the other hand lives for holidays!

2. Dorothy didn’t start her career with the natural confidence she now displays on stage – when she was 12 years old she gave Andy singing lessons as she was too shy to sing alone in a local talent competition!

3. Shermanology have recently started their brand Remix Couture. Over a decade ago, they embarked on a journey to create their own show outfits. Drawing inspiration from iconic artists like Janet and Michael Jackson, as well as Prince and many others, they ventured into the realm of fashion. Now, in 2023, they have decided to continue this remarkable journey under the name Remix Couture with the aim being to revolutionise the way they approach outfits.

4. Both Andy and Dorothy are fully adept at a range of Martial Arts.

5 . Andy used to be a singer! But unfortunately, nobody could translate what he had in mind for the Shermanology sound. So Andy dove into becoming a producer and when he found out that his passion for producing was bigger – bringing Dorothy on board with her incredible singing talent creating the inimitable Shermanology Sound!

5 Tracks:

Soul 2 Soul – Back To Life

This inspired us to do what we do now. It has the perfect balance between electronic and soul.

Missy Elliot – Get Your Freak On

The way that they combined a different culture with R&B was something that was never done before. This blew our minds.

Disclosure – Latch

This vocal was insane! The triplet beat was something that we’d never heard in electronic music.

CeCe Peniston – We Got A Love Thang

This is Dorothy’s all-time favourite classic! Such big vocals on electronic music – it was a real eye-opener for us!

Lost Boyz – Renee

Everything about this song was perfect – Storytelling and the beat…flawless.

…And I have to tell you our number six. Not because you asked for it. but you need to know! Bonus! Lol…

Mobb Deep – Shook Ones

This was sooo fresh! And when Mariah Carey made her version we lost it!  So mesmerizing!

Shermanology’s latest track ‘Sometimes’ is out on Defected Records now…grab it here!


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