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5 Facts / 5 Tracks: Lexurus


A new face to the Drum & Bass industry, Lexurus is destined to make himself known through his high-energy music delivered with an aesthetic, nostalgia fuelled sound. Growing up in The Hague, Lexurus has found the sweet spot between club and radio for those who want to move their feet or just dream away for a while. With his love for old synths and modern styles, he is creating something fresh and shaping the scene as we know it.

After getting signed by Liquicity and supported by the likes of Netsky and Sub Focus, he is ready to take the next big step and show the world what he’s made of. Lexurus released his highly anticipated debut EP ‘Waveline’ on Liquicity on 4th June so we thought we’d find out a little bit more about Lexurus and what tracks have influenced him over the years.

5 Facts

I was a pianist and singer when I started out making music about 10 years ago. Back then I mainly listened to Soul, Funk and Jazz artists like John Mayer, Gregory Porter, Jamie Cullum. I guess you could say my taste in music made a big shift!

I manage a YouTube channel called ‘Grizzly Music’ where I post music that I love listening to, mainly summer themed beats.

I love everything about Japan. I love their culture, their architecture, their way of living. I love a good anime (Attack On Titan is one of my faves) and I’ve also been studying Japanese on Busuu for a while now, がんばります!

Skiing is my favorite sport. There are no mountains here in The Netherlands which is a shame. I can’t wait to go to the Alps again, it’s been way too long!

I love nature documentaries! I’m a big fan of David Attenborough and I’m immensely fascinated by exotic animals. Back when I travelled the US I loved going on hikes to look for all kinds of wild animals like bears and wolves (we found them!).

Photo Credit: Mats Valkenburg (Lexurus Squad)

5 Tracks

Fred V & Grafix ‘Major Happy’

This is the one tune that got me into D&B. It’s a very simple but a very cinematic track with a great atmosphere. I have much respect for artists that can evoke a certain emotion with just instrumental sounds. I think their whole album Recognise is heavily underrated, there are some really unique tunes on there.

Flume ‘Jewel’

My favourite track from the ‘Hi This Is Flume Mixtape’ but they are all amazing. 2 years later I’m still trying to find out how he made some of these incredible sounds. The video he made with the mixtape is still printed in my mind as I listen to it. I think the most fascinating thing about this tune is how the main melody sounds almost randomly generated but is still hooky in some sense.

Sub Focus ‘Solar System’

Brilliant tune. The intro is captivating and the hook is legendary. I remember being at the beach at midnight while dancing in ecstasy when it just came out. This one really set the bar higher for all dancefloor producers.

Sam Gellaitry ‘Duo’

I spend a lot of time trying to discover newly made music and this track is one of the reasons for it. I love the fact that the piano sounds really old skool while the whole production sounds almost futuristic. The vocals are amazingly processed as well.

Disclosure ‘Expressing What Matters’

Another great example of old meets new. I love the gating technique used in this one. As you might have noticed already I’ll listen to anything that’s beat oriented. I think the electronic music scene as a whole is making some big steps and has lots of interesting music to offer, especially now.

Check out Lexurus’ latest EP ‘Waveline’ below, it landed on Liquicity on 4th June and you can grab a copy from the purchase button beneath the Soundcloud player!