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5 Facts / 5 Tracks: Georgie Riot


Georgie Riot is a Drum & Bass DJ and Producer, originally from the West Midlands. She started DJing at the end of 2019 when she bought her first pair of CDJs and became obsessed with learning the art of mixing. Georgie Riot was born and she hit the ground running; releasing guest mixes for various reputable promoters across the airways, with the likes of KISS FM, RINSE FM and DAZED. Georgie is in the process of finding her own sound and style within music production. She is inspired by artists such as Sub Focus, Dimension, Chase & Status, Andy C, Kanine and Tsuki.

As a woman who has always always been involved in a male-dominated industry, Georgie has learned to handle herself and is incredibly driven to succeed. She is hoping to inspire other women to step forward and see music as an option. She believes it is time for females to be supported within the music industry to the same extent that men are.

In the short time that Georgie has been performing live, she has already played alongside the industries best artists including Sub Focus, Dimension, Kings of the Rollers, Macky Gee and Holy Goof amongst many others. Georgie has also received bookings for MADE Festival, Dazed Weekender in Prague and Budapest, alongside Shy FX, My Nu Leng, T.I, Bou and AC 13, as well as main stage shows alongside Wilkinson, Koven, Hybrid Minds and more.

With the announcement of Georgie’s booking for MADE Festival next weekend (Saturday 18th September) we thought we’d delve a bit deeper into her life with our 5 Facts, 5 Tracks feature…

5 Facts

I was a drummer and rock music enthusiast back in school when I first found my love for music. At the time I mainly listened to rock and alternative bands like My Chemical Romance, Enter Shikari, and Brand New. I eventually made the shift over to drum and bass when I was about 15.

I studied music production and sound engineering at college from 16-18. This is when I really started to get into bass music. I then had a change of heart regarding my future which was brought on by the pressure of having to get a “real” job. I went on to study health and social care at university whilst also working at a mental health hospital. The plan was to become a nurse!

I also worked as a model in my spare time whilst in education. After one year at university, I had another change of heart (no surprise!) and I went on to make modelling my full-time job. I spent the best part of 10 years modelling, travelling across the world to countries like Japan, Taiwan, Canada, amongst many others. It was a very demanding job and looking back now I think the pressure of trying to look a certain way took its toll on me.

I have a panic disorder and have struggled majorly with anxiety since I was a teenager. As an artist there is always that voice in your head telling you “you’re not good enough, you can’t do it, you will fail” etc. I think that’s what put me off from pursuing a music career for so long. It wasn’t until lockdown when everything came to a halt that I realised, “why can’t I do it?” I had that extra time to perfect the art of DJing and learn to produce music. It is a long process, but I think starting the process was the hardest part of all. I’m slowly learning that it’s never too late to start something and that things don’t happen overnight. You have to get your head down and work for it.

I released my first bassline single ‘Dance’ in June, which is now available on all platforms. During 2021, I’ve uploaded a couple of tracks as free downloads on my Soundcloud (@georgieriot). My goal is to release two more Drum & Bass tracks that I’ve been working on before the end of the year, so keep your eyes peeled!

5 Tracks

Pendulum ‘Slam’

This is one of the first Drum & Bass tracks I remember listening to as a teenager. It was released in 2005 so I would’ve been about 15. I think this is the tune that first got me into Drum & Bass. I remember the music video so vividly – a half-naked guy going crazy in the street, just vibing to the music. Crazy energy!

Chase & Status feat. Takura ‘No Problem’

This one’s a classic! 10 years since it was released, and I still play this one in my sets now. It’s timeless. It’s the catchy hook for me and the manic trance synth. Chase & Status are legends so to have played just before them at their headline show was a big achievement for me.

Sub Focus ‘Solar System’

This track is one of my all-time favourites; it has a special place in my heart. Sub Focus is my biggest inspiration, he has been leading the wave of new Drum & Bass for the past couple of years. This track has such an epic intro with beautiful atmospheric synths, building up to a punchy and catchy as hell drop. This track is pure goals for me!

Dimension ‘Organ’

‘Organ’, the leading track of Dimension’s 2021 album, is just effortless. I love playing this track live and dropping it with a heavy roller because it really gets the crowd going as they don’t expect the switch. The soft atmospheric intro incorporating the counter melodies bouncing off each other, gradually building up to the punchy drop – it just gives me goosebumps every time.

Tsuki ‘Take Me Back’

‘Take Me Back’ is literally an anthem. I love everything about this track. The build-up to the drop is epic; it really gets the crowd hyped up when it’s played live, and the crowd lose it on the drop every time! Also, if you know me, you know I love female vocals and Aleya Mae smashed the vocals on this one. I don’t think there’s a Tsuki track I don’t love to be honest!

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