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5 Facts / 5 Tracks: BIIA


BIIA stands as a luminary in the realm of Portuguese electronic music, channelling an emotional inquisitiveness that intricately intertwines with her creative journey. Her artistic expression crafts a profound narrative, fusing diverse techno approaches into a seamless odyssey of self-discovery. Through her work, she forges tales pulsating with raw, vigorous beats reminiscent of the ’90s, interwoven with distinctive sounds spanning across genres.

Her productions transcend musical confines, exuding an enigmatic allure through trippy elements, punctuated by powerful kicks and marked by her daringly provocative and conceptually rich vocals. BIIA shatters conventional norms, embracing a disruptive ethos that defies labels, remaining steadfast in her commitment to an authentic artistic vision.

BIIA released her debut EP ‘Letters From Hell’ on Taapion a few weeks ago (grab it here) so we thought we’d get a quick look into some little known facts about her and the sort of music that has influenced her or had an impact on her career so far…

5 Facts

When I was a child I used to chew gum that I found on the floor. My parents didn’t give it to me, so I would get them my way. Nasty, I know.

I danced ballet and hip-hop during my teenage years. I feel that today it helps me to understand the rhythm and the construction of music better.

When I’m really enjoying a moment and I want it to pass slower I try to breathe slowly, amplify my senses and take a picture of it with my mind. 

I love interior design. Art and furniture pieces, especially vintage. It’s an area that I could see myself exploring too.

It’s very usual and annoying that I ask people to rate something from 0 to 10 so I can understand their feelings better. 

5 Tracks

Britney Spears ‘Toxic’

This one really marked my teenage years. She gave me the power I thought I needed.

Nirvana ‘Come As You Are’

I had a crush on Kurt Cobain when I was younger so I listened to Nirvana a lot.

Pixies ‘Where Is My Mind?’

I’ve been listening to this music a lot during my travels on the weekend. Also everything from Mareux.

Kanye West ‘Flashing Lights’ ft. Dwele

Kanye is one of my favourite artists of all time.

Gotan Project ‘Chunga’s Revenge’

 I love the twist between a more contemporary sound and a more traditional one. I get inspiration from that.

Perc ‘Resistor’ (Tassid Remix)

Dropping this one in as an extra because his productions have been present in all my latest DJ sets.

BIIA’ ‘Letters From Hell’ EP is out now and available for you to grab from here!

BIIA 'Letters From Hell' cover