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DJ & producer David Krasemann, better known as Dave DK has been making waves in the electronic music scene for a couple of years now. Since the early 90’s he was fascinated by the upcoming techno movement, which eventually led to his own active initiation.

Searching for new electronic sounds every day and having honed his skills as a producer in his chosen home of Berlin, Dave released his first record on Müller Records in 1998 and has never looked back since. In 1999 he became a resident DJ at iconic Berlin club Tresor and then later on at the legendary Panorama Bar. Beside his remix productions for Beroshima and Skiebäck he’s released records on raum…musik., Decore, Lifetime Music and Cadeaux to name but a few.

So with such a wealth of experience and illustrious back catalogue behind him we thought it was about time we welcomed Dave to deliver an exclusive mix for us here at Data Transmission. As Dave is an open minded person who resents musical limits, he doesn’t want to be reduced to one style. His sound simply is the result of different styles that have influenced him throughout the years. “I have a passion for the wide range between house and techno as well as pop music and dancefloor stuff of the early 90’s”, says Dave. Whilst we were mightily impressed with Mr. Kraseman when we saw him expertly harness the mood of the main room early on in the Berghain we were equally interested to know the private tastes of a man for whom music is not just a past time but rather a way of life. Welcome to the world of Dave DK…

Sum up this podcast in 10 words…
Except some 4/4 beats in the second half I tried to focus on some of my favourite tracks from the past months for home entertainment.

What’s your personal favourite track on it?
Huhh, I like all of them a lot, but especially the first and the last one, they’re both my favourite pieces of piano music this year. Jon Hopkins is creating such an organic melancholic and spacy atmosphere in his track that makes my heart melt.

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?
It’s all about room in this mix, I used some reverb to glue the tracks together.

What’s the best gig you’ve played recently? 
One of my favourite gigs this year was the one for the Tribute crew in Tokyo. They rented a cool restaurant in Shibuya and created a Berlin Panorama Bar vibe that was one of a kind, the crowd was very thankful.

What have you got coming up? 
There might be a release pretty soon, but it’s too early to talk about.

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?
Follow your passion.

1. Jon Hopkins – Abandon Window
2. Oneohtrix Point Never – Zebra
3. Apparat – Lighton
4. Ultraista – You’re Out
5. The Field – No. No…
6. Aphex Twin – Iz Us
7. Justus Köhncke & The Wonderful Frequency Band – Tell Me
8. Bonobo – Cirrus
9. Mooryc & Douglas Greed – Separate Directions
10. Mount Kimbie – Made To Stray, DJ Koze Remix
11. Yoko Duo – Kept On Walking, Dave DK Manchester Super Jam
12. Cavaan – Black Snow, Isolee Remix
13. Marcel Fengler – Break Through
14. John Roberts – Chalkdust

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