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3 Wise Men: Apollonia: Apollonia



Apollonia, the heady lovechild of back 2 back 2 back trio Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom and Shonky has shattered all expectations we had when they first announced the venture. In little over a year the Parisian outfit have successfully launched their Apollonia record label, been given headline sets at some of the worlds most influential clubs and festivals including DC-10, Panorama Bar and Fabric and have been invited to mix a Fabric compilation. All three members have individually built strong reputations of their own accord prior to Apollonia and these foundations arguably have been instrumental in their rocketing to success. Nonetheless it remains an impressive list of accolades for the first year of any venture. The amalgamation of three different personalities with the same end goal, executed with fluidity, character, unparalleled insight and limitless energy has been key to their DJ performances and to their first compilation also.

Where trends have long dictated a need for current, unheard music, tides appear to be turning as artists have begun experimenting with tried and tested tracks from years gone by. You need not look further for more exemplary ambassadors of this new wave of philosophers. 

Dan, Dyed, Shonky… Welcome. Thanks for taking time out from your busy schedules to chat with us about your unbelievable year and what the future holds for Apollonia. Congratulations on the superb Fabric compilation. What was the primary message that you wanted to purvey via the compilation?

Basically what we do when we play is that we play very old school music, music that we have bought the same month, but also we play some tracks from our friends that are not released and that nobody has. This is what we tried to also carry through to the Fabric 70 compilation.

People within the electronic community appear to be under pressure to play the very latest releases, is that something that’s changing?

In our opinion the thing about playing the latest music was something very important when it was only vinyl, because you needed to have very precious promo copies. But today a promo copy, as soon as the track is going to come out, you will find it everywhere on the internet. There’s absolutely no surprise with the new stuff as everybody has it at the same time. The surprise today, in our opinion, is to bring the old music back, the rare music that isn’t on the scene, and to be able to mix it with the new stuff and not to make it sound old. To make it kind of edgy music. The only thing is that you cannot do it if you don’t have a massive collection of records and this is what we capitalise on today. It’s our music collection that we have collected for more than 15 years.

Aiming to create a timeless sound…

It is, that’s what we have tried to do since we started playing. I think the reason why Apollonia is working today is that we needed those 10-15 years of working to reach that moment. This is the moment.

The three of you have individually already enjoyed successful careers. It’s therefore not a huge surprise that in a year Apollonia has been so successful. Have you yourself been surprised by the response?

We are happy that it’s working so well. I wouldn’t say surprised, but very happy to have such an amazing response from the crowd and the media. It is something we realised that when we were together we were stronger. We love, especially when travelling, to travel together. We still love to play on our own, but after so many years of playing on your own, when you play with your friends for two weeks and then you go back to playing on your own, it’s really refreshing because you get very inspired. When you play on your own you have got to work even harder on the research because the goal is to surprise your friends. When we play Apollonia though, it’s working because what we do is to try and surprise ourselves all the time.

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