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3 Wise Men: Apollonia: Apollonia



I found the compilation to be made up of a variety of moods and genres and the releases on your Apollonia imprint have so far been equally as diverse.

Ok, the funny thing is that for us it doesn’t sound that different but it’s true that for many years people have told us that we don’t play one style, we play different styles and I can tell you that ten years ago it was something very difficult to accept. People were not as open minded and they wanted to have one techno DJ playing Detroit, a deep house DJ playing deep house. You know, we are DJs and we are music lovers, we love all types of music and our goal is to collect music and play it. So, that’s why we formed Apollonia. We know that it’s very difficult especially for journalists to give a definition of what we do. Even ourselves, you know, how do we describe the music? It’s difficult for me to answer because we like so many things and that’s the reason why we decided to re-press some old music on our label. Our label is our window. We want to be able to explain who we are and what we do. That’s why we are going to bring some new artists, as well as some music like Pointe G, Callisto and Kerri Chandler. They are really important artists for us and it’s part of our culture. So it’s not just that we decided to re-press tracks, no, you touched on a point, we want to do this because we want to explain who we are and a music label is the best way to do it. So we have Apollonia – our own stuff, the new artists we like and the old artists we like.

Within the first year of Apollonia, you were invited to mix a Fabric compilation. A huge compliment. How did that feel when you were approached?

We feel very honoured and very proud but we had all played Fabric, especially Dyed who pretty regularly played Fabric. Shonky and I have also played there a few times and it’s not as if Apollonia was a new artist coming from nowhere. We have some history with the club. It’s immense though for us, it’s really big. We are also very inspired by the situation and will be spending the winter in the studio, working on a new album for next summer. It’s very important for us to deliver music. You know, things are going really well and today people are amazed by our success. Everything is happening at the right time and we’re going to deliver an album before next summer. 

Do you have any particular plans yet for the album?

Well for the album we have decided that we will come to Berlin for one week every month during the summer because we want to be in this environment so we can work together. Obviously we are also working on the concept, on what we’re going to play, but also about the ideas for the album. I cannot tell you now though because we’re really still working on it.

And your plans for the summer besides studio time?

We are doing around ten parties each over the summer, though regarding Ibiza we decided to play only at DC-10. Well, almost only at DC-10, we have a few important gigs for Pete Tong and Carl Cox, but mainly DC-10. Especially this year in Ibiza there are a lot of new parties. For the last year the two places for underground music were Cocoon and DC-10, though today it’s everywhere and all the DJs are playing everywhere. It’s going to be quite complicated again giving a definition of who you are and what you do, so that’s why we decided to stay at DC-10 and if people want to hear us they’ll have to go there.

We will undoubtedly be making the annual pilgrimage to DC-10 to catch up with the chaps from Apollonia. It was a pleasure catching up with them as always and we look forward to hearing the album early next year. For more information and tickets click here

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