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Reviewed: Two Fingers ‘Fight! Fight! Fight!’ [Nomark Records]


It has must’ve been about four years back from now when I first heard ‘ISAM’ by Amon Tobin and I’ve been instantly hooked to his glitchy and computerized sound ever since. I dug through his back catalogue shortly after and was simply blown away by his consistency, production level and an astounding amount of creativity. After a few years into Bass Music, in general, I heard the Two Fingers x Ivy Lab collab ‘Orange’ and was hooked again due to my love for classic Hip Hop rhythms and experimental sound design! Besides two Amon Tobin albums last year as well as an ‘Only Child Tyrant’ one and nearly 8 years after his first solo effort under the Two Fingers alias he once again raises the bar and shows what’s possible between Hip Hop structures and forward-thinking Bass Music. ‘Fight! Fight! Fight!’ is not only the third album by the former duo but also features genre stalwarts Ivy Lab, G Jones as well as Little Snake and you can certainly hear their sound throughout the design and feel of said tunes.

I’ll try to not go that much into detail as that would go far beyond the scope but I’ll try to capture the essence of the record. One thing is for sure, this is not an album to sit down to but to nod your head and dance epileptically! The title track ‘Fight! Fight! Fight!’ underlines this statement in terms of heaviness being the perfect club banger as per. ‘You Ain’t Down’ is the crazed out follow up which keeps you on your toes nonetheless and ‘Razzy Beat’ with Ivy Lab is the perfect fusion between both their influences, tight and slowly moving drum patterns filled with spheric melodies. ‘Rockyou Feelit’ feels like early 2000’s Hip Hop thanks to singing and swinging lead sounds whilst ‘ZX Rhythm’ dabbles with modular weirdness in full effect. The same could be said about ‘Zero Face’ with G Jones, building up off a spaced-out intro serenading into industrial, noisy heaven. ‘LED Rhythm’ waves and shaves through stripped-back drum patterns and nasty bass hits whilst ‘LALA Rhythm’ is a more than welcomed resting point throughout the thrilling ride will all sorts of dreaminess. This won’t hold for too long as ‘Nuff Swizz Rhythm’ raises the ante up again with incredibly neat executed precision and a strong love for detail! ‘Boss Rhythm’ instantly makes me think about the Beastie Boys or The Chemical Brothers with its robotic, thumping and pushing feel and ‘Unknown Trauma’ with Little Snake takes us back into more experimental realms with this effect-loaded vocal on top of dark sonic structures.

Trying to compare Two Fingers’ album to other current releases in and outside of the Bass Music spectrum is like explaining colours to a blind, there is literally no way to do so as it plays in a league of its own. The rawness of modular synthesis combined with creative weirdness and know-how based on over two decades in the game speak a clear language, straight forward into sonic spaces that no man has ever heard before. ‘Fight! Fight! Fight!’ is an unexpectedly defiant and diverse album, one to listen through in one go! Go listen!

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Umut Avialan

Umut Avialan is a Germany-based freelance content writer and life-long music enthusiast with the insatiable hunger for exploring new stuff. He combines the aforementioned to create vivid and intriguing content for several music publications online.

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