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Rico Casazza – Yaman


yaman-artworkLabel: Archipel Records
Score: 8/10

Canadian label Archipel Records has today released a wonderful album, entitled Yaman. by London-based producer Rico Casazza. To many, this will showcase him as a previously undiscovered gem…but for others, Rico has been at the forefront of their musical following for years – he’s been making quality electronic music for over 10 years now, with releases on labels like Soma, Wiggle, Plastic City & Wavetec. These productions cover a lot of the musical spectrum, whilst always keeping hold of his trademark dreaminess. As an Ableton teacher as well, he brings a certain technicality into his music, clear in the tight production throughout this Yaman release.

This release also epitomises the diversity of his productions mentioned above. There is an electro-driven feel to the album, but this is intertwined with hints of his tastes in garage and more experimental downtempo sounds. A1 of the record introduces us to Golden Leaf, a track whose vibe sums up the direction Rico seems to have set for the release – trippy and melancholic, with a wonderful rhythm. Its light acid bassline and sporadic echoed synth lines, which develop gracefully throughout, create a real sensation of optimism. Following this is Seq uenza, which continues the mysterious saga- the soft liquid acid line leads into a tough set of drums while the hypnotic melody carry on his mission.

Hitting the B-side, we are tripped out and slowed down with Dark Matter…its dub influences and scary vocals pay homage to Rico’s more experimental character. Quickly though we’re back on the dance floor with Jobsuck with its subtle but celebratory vocal sample and raw, funky dubstep drums – bring back the garage! That sees the end of the digital release, but there are still 4 more tracks to come. The 4 remaining tracks are all exclusives, available to you only if you can spend on that beautiful piece of wax.

The groovy and peaceful number of Allichu kicks off these vinyl exclusives with subtle additions to the tracks melodic elements. The atmospheric track entitled Aye, which was the Loose Lips collective’s first ever premiere late last week, follows it up. Painful Wisdom then picks up the pace, but still with the release’s perfected vibe of dubbed out electro. The release then finishes with what I believe to be its highlight – Yaman, the self-titled IDM-like piece which combines two spooky yet peaceful melodies with a driven 303 bassline and a very strong 808 rhythm .

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