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Reviewed: Seppa ‘Split’ LP [Slug Wife]


Slug Wife and Seppa present the second album of the Bass ehrm Slug Music ambassador, ‘Split’, which is a well worthy step forward after his debut ‘More’ in 2018. Forward into typically psychedelic waters full of hazy atmospherics, thoughtful beat structures and experimental sound design in a wide range of tempos and vibes. Steps you wanted to take without even knowing.

Be it the drama of opener ‘Elk’, the hip hop heaviness of ‘OLVO’ and ‘Hai’ or the eclectic dubby ‘Yalla’, Seppa surprises with new tricks on every corner. With ‘Intera’ he ties in with the dramatic intro and releases the listener onto a really twisted trip! ‘Stub’ wakes you up from your slumber slapping hard, ‘Uaom’ brings you back to cloud 7 with his jazzy saxophone and ‘Redew’ is actually only missing concrete bars a la 90’s Boom Bap. ‘Partly Mown’ pushes and shoves violently in the low end and title track ‘Split’ is the freaky industrial balancing act between delayed breaks and rugged bass hiccups ‘Missing One Shin’ is dreamy Lo Fi hip hop at its best and ‘Exhale’ closes the album in a melancholic way with almost orchestral grandeur. Here you have flute, strings, vocals… everything the musical heart desires!

Seppa manages to transfer his vision of experimental sound design with complex rhythms to different tempos and moods with ease. It definitely doesn’t get boring, keeps the tension and promises an extraordinary experience for the hearing system. ‘Split’ is definite proof that you should definitely keep an eye on Seppa!

Listen and download Seppa ‘Split’ LP here

Umut Avialan

Umut Avialan is a Germany-based freelance content writer and life-long music enthusiast with the insatiable hunger for exploring new stuff. He combines the aforementioned to create vivid and intriguing content for several music publications online.

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