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Greeko – Black Panther


Label: Alfa Romero Recordings
Score: 8/10

For a lot of labels out there, talk about nurturing new talent is all mouth and no trousers. For Alfa Romero though, their genuine desire to help emerging artists break through is palpable. Consistently feeding through a new breed of quality producers, they have shown highly adept A&R skills since forming back in 2012. Once again banging the nail squarely on the head, the Italian imprint bring us the brooding and intense “Black Panther” from impressive young producer, Greeko.

Showing a maturity beyond his years, Greeko keeps a lid on things throughout “Black Panther” slowing evolving and building tension without ever spilling over. Lush, deep bass flows in the bottom end as tightly woven drums add power and drive. Skilfully adding some early Detroit style synth flashes, the talented producer creates a warm, woozy atmosphere that draws parallels with IDM of the early 90s. When pulled back into the weight of the groove in full flow, this is a truly immersive and distinctive house cut that hints at a bright future for Greeko.

Berlin’s wild man on the scene Philip Bader packs the heat with his uncompromising techno remix. Jacking 4/s and deep, grumbling bass provide the backbone with the hook coming from beautiful distortions of the original’s synth parts. Muscly and full of momentum, the remix is pure dancefloor fodder in its finest.