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Astronoize – Secret Solar (Quite Right Records)


Rising Denver-based duo Astronoize have had their biggest year yet in 2019. Amongst a plethora of gigs throughout the year and releases on labels such as Blackpoint Records and Meli Rodriguez’s Puchero Records, the talented artists also managed to finish and release their debut artist album.

Officially released on September 28th of this year, by way of Denver record label Quite Right Records, ‘Secret Solar’ is the growing duo’s most ambitious project to date. Centered around a style they’ve championed, known around the local scene as Space Techno, the album is truly the perfect culmination of Astronoize’s production talents and influences to date.

“The meaning of the name is just about when you learn about space it teaches you about yourself. We are all born from stars” – Astronoize

Fittingly enough, the album’s tracks are titled after the planets in the Earth’s Solar System. The LP leads with “Mercury” and sets the tone for the rest of the album’s atmospheric journey. Complete with powerful kicks, echoed vocal whispers, and a gnarly synth line, ‘Astronoize’ wastes no time delivering a prime time anthem capable of doing damage on just about any dance floor. My personal favorite track, ‘Earth’ features an absolutely relentless sub kick pattern and driving synth lines that lead in to a lethal drop. Meanwhile, ‘Mars’ follows with acidic synth beats, broken percussive rhythms, and an expansive soundscape that differs from the typical 4×4 rhythm the album exhibits within its first few tracks.

Records such as ‘Jupiter’ are as big and spacious as they sound, continuing the minimal sound structures of the album’s earlier tracks while maximizing their bass-heavy grooves and chunky percussive rhythms.

Closing the album, and Astronoize’s other-worldy sonic adventure, is ‘Pluto’. Boasting filtered synth lines and a steadily growing rhythm, ‘Pluto’ is one of the albums more underrated cuts and delivers a lead rhythm that is audibly satisfactory on all levels. This nine-minute-long groover has driving hi-hats and powerful bass lines that leave this production in the conversation for album’s most dance floor-suitable tracks.

To coincide with the release of the ‘Secret Solar’ LP, Astronoize and the Quite Right Crew curated a private after-hours event with proper sound and projection mapping to serve as the album’s release party. That set was released via Soundcloud last week and can be heard here:

Score: 9/10

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