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Let’s Get Shanghaied Amsterdam


Our in-house label Shanghaied Records are back with the second edition of their infamous compilation series ‘Let’s Get Shanghaied’ with their Amsterdam 2019 version ahead of ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event).

Once again Let’s Get Shanghaied Amsterdam Volume 2.0 comes with 5 big tracks from artists that have featured on the label this year and new talent we are loving. The compilation features music from Sandor, Under_Score, Jack Wilton, Ian Sound, and James Fergus.

Sandor, one of the most exciting producers and DJs in the Tech House scene to emerge in 2018,and for good reason. Just ask Solardo who’ve been telling him personally to keep the tracks flowing into their inbox. He brings us his ‘Diva’ to the compilation.

Jack Wilton is a 25-year-old avid musician from Merseyside, UK. From a young teenager, Jack has always had a keen ear for underground music, after releasing with Shanghaied – he then went on to release on Repopulate Mars. Routing back to his teenage years listening to Dubstep, and with a huge inspiration from the likes of Latmun, Michael Bibi today, this is where Jacks choice of thumping sounds come into play but with his own unique explosive- underground feel

Ian Sound, Tech House DJ and Producer from Slovenia. He first began to appear in the Maribor music scene at the young age of 15, when he acquainted himself with old school UK garage and House, Tech House music.

James Fergus became obsessed with music production and DJ’ing after a trip to Ibiza. It quickly became his passion and his life goal to write and share his music with the world.

Finally, Devoid of context and therefore impervious to discourse, under_score will only be defined by his music. He is his sound and his sound does the talking for him.

You can grab the whole EP on Traxsource here. Once again, Shanghaied team up with TAKE for an Amsterdam Networking Event on Thursday 17th October during ADE, for more information head to facebook.


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